2021-01-01 Nami Island ferry operation time will be adjusted to [7:30~21:00]. (Adjustment period: January 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021)


There used to be only one pond on Nami Island and that was located near the Tomb of General Nami. In 2001, this pond was named Yonji Pond, and meant to be a gift to the many couples who visit the island. Later on, there was another pond, Gonji Pond, created in front of Cho-ok House for our insect community to enjoy. Afterwards, several ponds were also made in various parts of the Island. These include Meta Pond across from Metasequoia Lane, Mongyonji Pond on the east side of the UNICEF Gur whose name means “a wish for sweet dreams,” Yeonji Pond (Pond with Lotus) in front of Anderson Hall where a painting of a lotus is hidden behind a board, instead of a real lotus, Boodle Pond, formed around a piece of land that has been shaped to look like Nami Island, Jeonggwanbaekryeonji Pond in front of the hotel reception building which beautifully mirrors the Hotel Jeonggwanru with white lotus, and Yuyeongji Pond behind the hotel where the branches of the willow trees touch the water.

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