2021-01-01 Nami Island ferry operation time will be adjusted to [7:30~21:00]. (Adjustment period: January 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021)

By Car
1024, Bukhangangbyeon-ro, Gapyeong-eup,
Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
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Shuttle Bus
Insa-dong/Tapgol Park
Everyday 09:30 am
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Gyeongchun Line:
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How to Get to Nami Island

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  1. When making a reservation by phone, please provide the exact date and number of guests.
  2. Please inform us of your preferred dates, desired room type and number of guests.
  3. Please make your reservation at least seven days prior to arrival.

* Main Building: Rooms have been decorated by different artists. They are suitable for a small family or couples.
* Bungalows: Are located near the riverside, and equipped with kitchens; they are suitable for a large family or group

  • For reservation
    +82 31 580 8000  (9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. GMT/UTC + 9h during Standard Time, South Korea)
  • Reservation opens from 3 months prior.


Room Deposit & Payment

  • Payment for all advanced reservation will be collected upon check-in. Reservations without confirmation call or e-mail are subject to automatic cancellation without notice.
  • At check in time, the room fee must be paid.
  • In case the name of the person who reserved the room and the name of the person making the payment are different, please email or call us and inform us of this fact.
  • Check-in is 3:00 pm/Check-out is 11:00 am


Room Rate

Main Building

Rooms Friday, Saturday, the day before national holiday, and holiday season Weekday
Suite Room (4 Guests) ₩169,000 ※ Special discount
offer up to 18%
Theme Room (Bed/Ondol 2 Guests) ₩119,000
Family Room (Ondol 3 Guests) ₩139,000

※ Weekday rates (excluding Friday / Saturday, the day before holidays, vacation season) can receive up to 18% special discount depending on the room and/or package.

Cottage and Bungalow Room Configuration / Rate Table

Rooms Friday, Saturday, the day before national holiday,
and holiday season
Bungalows Anemone (8 Guests) ₩300,000 ※ Special discount
offer up to 23%
Begonia (8 Guests) ₩300,000
Cosmos (8 Guests) ₩300,000
Dahlia (10 Guests) ₩380,000
Edelweiss (10 Guests) ₩380,000
Freesia (4 Guests) ₩200,000
Gangbyeon Villa (6 Guests) ₩240,000
Hut Villa (5 Guests) ₩220,000
2+2 Cottages
(2 Guests)
Deer, Rabbit, Magpie, Squirrel, Ostrich ₩149,000

※ Weekday rates (excluding Friday / Saturday, the day before holidays, vacation season) can receive up to 23% special discount depending on the room and/or package.

※ Guests without pets may also stay in <2+2 Cottages Squirrel/Ostrich>. For guests without pets, the same rate is applied as <Deer/Rabbit/Magpie>.


Notice Regarding Pet Policy

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind trip with your pet and family on Nami Island.

    Room Pet Friday, Saturday,
    the day before national holiday,
    and holiday season
    2+2 Cottages
    (Squirrel, Ostrich)
    Maximum 1 pet per room, less than 10KG \229,000 ※ Special discount
    offer up to 22%
    Bungalow Freesia 1 pet (maximum 2 pets) per room, less than 10KG
    (50,000 won additional charge for 2 pets)

    ※ Weekday rates (excluding Friday / Saturday, the day before holidays, vacation season) can receive up to 22% special discount depending on the room and/or package.

      • Pets are allowed only in the above-mentioned rooms.
      • Guests without pets may also stay in the above-mentioned rooms. However, please be aware that these rooms are also available for guests with pets.
        Rates for Guests without Pets: Please refer to the cottage and bungalow room configuration / rate table
      • Pet Amenities
        – Complimentary: 2 Training pads, 2 waste bags, 1 pack of wet wipes, dog shampoo
        – For Room Use Only: 1 Dog bowl, 1 dog bed, 1 dog potty, 2 dog towels, dog bath tub
      • Note
        – Pets other than dogs (cat, pig, rabbit, snake, bird and etc.) are not permitted.
        – Only dogs in accordance with the Nami Island entrance standard (less than 10kg) are permitted.
         ☞ In accordance with the government’s The Animal Protection Act, a total of five breeds and their half-breeds, including Tosa, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Rottweiler, are not allowed on Nami Island.
        – Pets are not allowed in rooms other than that which they are registered.
        – Please adhere to Pet Etiquette inside and outside of the hotel for everyone’s safety and wellbeing.
        – Pets may not remain in the accommodation alone and unguarded as the service staff may need to enter.
        – Pets must be on a leash outside of the room and/or on hotel property.
        ☞If guests are unable to comply with Nami Island’s Pet Policy, accommodation may be restricted.


      Cancellation & Refund Policy

      • Cancellation policies may vary depending on dates of your reservation. Please refer to your reservation confirmation to verify your cancellation policy. If you need further assistance please call the hotel reservation directly at +82 31 580 8000, or e-mail us namihotel@naminara.com
      • Full refund upon cancellation or free check-in dates change is applicable under the following circumstances:
        – Unable to check-in due to delayed ferry services caused by bad weather such as heavy rain, strong wind or other hazardous circumstances.
        – Unable to stay at hotel because of power, water supply cuts or malfunction of hotel facilities due to drought, heat, cold wave or other extreme weather.


      2021 Peak Season rate

      Spring Peak Seasons Apr. 25 ~ May. 6
      Summer Peak Seasons Jul. 4 ~ Aug. 19
      Autumn Peak Seasons Sep. 22 ~ Nov. 11
      Winter Peak Seasons Dec. 12 ~ Dec. 30

Notice for Hotel Jeonggwanru Reservation Start Date

Reservation Start Date Advance Reservation Period
Nov. 7, 2020 ~ Feb. 2021
Dec. 5, 2020 ~ Mar. 2021
Jan. 2, 2021 ~ Apr. 2021
Feb. 6, 2021 ~ May 2021
Mar. 6, 2021 ~ Jun. 2021
Apr. 3, 2021 ~ Jul. 2021
May 1, 2021 ~ Aug. 2021
Jun. 5, 2021 ~ Sep. 2021
Jul. 3, 2021 ~ Oct. 2021
Aug. 7, 2021 ~ Nov. 2021
Sep. 4, 2021 ~ Dec. 2021


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