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    Regular Discount Special Discount
    ₩13,000 10,000 7,000
    N/A Students (Middle ~ High School Age) / Seniors (70+ yrs.) (Children (36months ~ Elementary School Age)

    Entry Visa includes both entrance fee and ferry fares, and can only be purchased on-site at the ticket booth.

    For more inquiries, please visit our website or contact us at +82-31-580-8114.

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    The Blue Passport costs \45,000 and it can be used for a year from the date of issue. During this period of time, you can visit anytime you want and there’s no limit on the number of visits.

    The Golden Passport is only given to our citizens.

    * How do I become a citizen?
    In order to become a citizen of Naminara you must be recognized for your contributions in terms of culture, art, and/or international exchange.

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    The ferry runs every 30 minutes between 7:30 – 9:00 and 18:00 – 21:40. More frequent service (every 10 or 20 minutes) is provided from 9:00 to 18:00. The last ferry is at 21:40 from Gapyeong to Nami; and at 21:45 from Nami to Gapyeong.

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    Yes, there is one more option to enter the island: • Zip-Wire: You can purchase a ticket at Zip-Wire Tower. It costs \44,000 per person(one-way) and the ticket includes the admission fee. For more information, please call us at +82 (0)31-582-8091.

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    Yes. There are several options 1) Nammoon (Korean), 2) Dongmoon (Asian fusion, Halal-certified), 3) Gomok (Nibble & Sip), 4) Seomhyanggi (Grill & Stew) and 5) PIZZA & PASTA (European). Reservations may be required for a group as there is a limited number of seats. You can also enjoy coffee and beverages at Snow Café, Swing Café, May Café, Bookcafé, or Sonata Café.

    Nammoon +82-31-580-8055
    Dongmoon +82-31-580-8099/8081
    Gomok +82-31-580-8053
    Seomhyanggi +82-31-580-8054
    DDANJI PUB (PIZZA & PASTA) +82-31-580-8056
    Nami Island Bookcafé +82-31-580-8098
    Coffee Shop Islana +82-31-580-8100
    Snow Café +82-31-581-5701
    Sonata Café +82-31-580-8131
    May Café +82-31-580-8017
    Swing Café +82-31-580-8020

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    Yes. We offer a variety of hands-on activities at Nami Island Handicraft Studio, Picture Book Library, Nami EcoSchool, and Greenshop Hands-on Learning Center. Reservations are required in advance.

    Nami Island Handicraft Studio +82 (0)31-580-8199
    Picture Book Library +82 (0)31-580-8060
    Nami EcoSchool +82 (0)31-580-8123
    Greenshop Hands-on Learning Center +82 (0)31-581-0321


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    Yes. Hotel Jeonggwanru, owned by Nami Island, offers a variety of room types: artist-designed rooms, bungalows and cottages. Our bungalows and cottages suited for either couple, family or group stays. Cooking is allowed only in family-type bungalows.
    Breakfast buffet is available between 8:30 – 11:00. It costs adult/child, \15,000/\8,000.

    Please walk down the main lane of the island until you reach the central square which has a huge old tree in the center. It takes about 15-20 minutes on foot. At the central square, please turn left and then turn right at the swimming pool. You will see a Korean-style pavilion in front of you, which is the reservations office of the Hotel Jeonggwanru.

    If you have made a reservation, and would like to go to the hotel in our pick-up van, we will be happy to provide this service for you. Please go and wait at the bus-stop on the right side of Nami Wharf after requesting this service with phone call to +82 (0)31-580-8000 or by visiting the Tourism Bureau.

    If you have any questions or want to make a reservation for a room, send an e-mail to namihotel@naminara.com or call the hotel directly.

    Telephone : +82 (0)31-580-8000
    E-mail : namihotel@naminara.com

    Our employees will be happy to assist you in making reservations.

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    First, we would like to recommend that you take the train. The nearest train station is Gapyeong Station.
    1) There are two ways to get to Gapyeong Station. Intra-city
    bus: Please go to the intra-city bus stop, which is located at the entrance of Nami Island’s parking lot.
    It is right across from a 7-Eleven convenience store.
    The bus runs according to the timetable below:
    Taxi: You can take a taxi to get to Gapyeong Station.
    The taxi stop is close to the intra-city bus stop. It costs around \4,000.
    Upon arrival at Gapyeong Station:
    2-1) You may take the line that terminates at Sangbong Station in Seoul.
    This train runs frequently from 5:33 to 23:13 on weekdays, and from 6:03 to 23:13 on weekends.
    A one way ticket costs \2,150. Please note: there are no reserved seats on this train.
    It takes approximately 53 min. to get to Sangbong Station.
    2-2) Or you may take the ITX-Cheongchun train which terminates at Cheongnyangni Station or Yongsan Station (both in Seoul).
    The train runs every 30 min. to 1 hour from 6:26 to 22:28 on weekdays and from 6:31 to 22:30 on weekends.
    A one way ticket costs \4,000 for Cheongnyangni and \4,800 for Yongsan. It takes 39 min. to Cheongnyangni Station and 55 min. to Yongsan Station. Please note: these are reserved seat trains.
    1) There are two ways to get to Gapyeong Intercity Bus Terminal.
    Intra-city bus: Please go to the intra-city bus stop, which is located at the entrance of Nami Island’s parking lot. It is right across from a 7-Eleven convenience store.
    The bus runs according to the timetable below:
    Taxi: You can take a taxi to get to Gapyeong Intercity Bus Terminal. It costs around \4,000.
    2) At the Gapyeong Intercity Bus Terminal purchase a ticket for the East Seoul Bus Terminal. The bus runs every 20-30 minutes from 6:10 to 22:20. A ticket costs \6,400 for one adult.

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    Shuttle bus reservations can be made via email (bus@naminara.com) by phone (+82 2-753-1246~7) or in person by visiting our Seoul Embassy located in Insadong. We have staff who speak English and who will be happy to assist you from 09:00 to 18:00. * Please note that the departure time can change from 09:30 to 08:30 during certain months.(May/June/July/August/October)

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    There are several ways to get in touch with our Lost & Found.

    * Phone: You can directly contact Tourist Information Center at +82 (0)31-580-8008, Tourism Bureau +82 (0)31-580-8153, or Customer Service Center at +82 (0)31-580-8151.
    * Offline: You can report a lost item at Tourist Information Center, Tourism Bureau (nearby Nami Wharf), and Customer Service Center (next to Gapyeong Wharf).

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    Visitors to Nami Island may rent bicycles from the Bike Center located in the center of the island.
    Personal bicycles, bicycles with electric motors, battery-powered wheelchairs and vehicles may not be brought onto Nami Island. However children’s bikes with training wheels are permitted.

    Bicycles for rent: Bicycle(Single, Couple, Family), Electri Tri-way(Single, Baby), Sky-bike
    For more information: +82-31-582-0144 at Bike Center


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    “Pets less than 10KG and on a leash are allowed on Nami Island. In accordance with the government’s The Animal Protection Act, a total of five breeds and their half-breeds, including Tosa, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Rottweiler, are not allowed on Nami Island. In accordance with the Act on Welfare of Persons with Disabilities, certified assistance dogs are permitted without restriction. For pets other than dogs, contact the Customer Service Center in advance.”



    Please adhere to Nami Island’s Pet Etiquette as follows:
    – Clean up after your pets.
    – For safety, hold your pet while getting on and off board.
    – With the exception of Gomok Restaurant, all pets are not permitted to indoor facilities.
    – 2+2 Cottages Squirrel and Ostrich are pet-friendly rooms. Each room can accommodate up to 1 pet per room. Pets are prohibited from all other accommodations.

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    Yes. Lockers are available in several areas: 1) behind the ticket office, 2) at the right corner of Nami Shop, and 3) nearby the Bike Center. Prices depend on the size of the locker. The dimensions are:
    Small: 32cm(h) x 37cm(w) x 47.5cm(d) (\1,000)
    Large: 81.5cm(h) x 37cm(w) x 47.5cm(d) (\1,500)
    * Those who are staying over with us can keep their belongings at the hotel reception.

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    Yes. There are five nursing mother’s rooms on the island: Tourism Bureau, The Song Museum, UNICEF Hall, Picture Book Library, and Hotel Jeonggwanru; and one outside the island: Customer Service Center.

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    Yes. Wheelchairs are available free of charge at Customer Service Center next to Gapyeong Wharf and at Tourism Bureau nearby Nami Wharf.
    Strollers for infants (under the age of 2) are available only at Tourism Bureau. The rental fee costs \3,000 which goes to UNICEF.

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    Since using flashlights in an attempt to bird watch at night disturbs the animals and plants,
    we regret to say that this is not allowed.

    For more inquiries please call +82 (0)31-580-8114

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    The prayer room is located in the middle of the island, on the second floor of a building called Baplex.
    There are Halal restaurants on the island. Certified Halal Restaurant ‘Dongmoon’ is delighted to welcome our Muslim visitors from around the globe.