Seomhyanggi Menu

Local specialty food from Chuncheon, Dak-galbi (Spicy grilled chicken)

Seomhyanggi Table d'hôte

\18,000 (Min. order of 2)

Duck Barbecue


Dakgalbi Barbecue


Pork Belly Barbecue


Assorted Handmade Sausage


Oak Firewood BBQ A Set

\69,000 (4persons)

Oak Firewood BBQ B Set

\52,000 (3persons)

Oak Firewood BBQ C Set

\36,000 (2persons)

Oak Firewood BBQ D Set

\30,000 (2persons)

Bulgogi&Mushroom Hot Pot

\15,000 (Min. order of 2)

Wangmandu Bulgogi Hot Pot

Minimum order for 2

Hot Pot Rice

with Seasoned Vegetables (from Gangwon-do Province)

Sausage Stew

\11,000 (Min. order of 2)

Pan Fried Dak-galbi

(Spicy Stir-fried Chicken)

Buckwheat Noodle Soup


Buckwheat Noodles

with Spicy Pollack\11,000

Seafood Kimchi Pancake


Buckwheat Crepe

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