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Asian Family Restaurant Dongmoon

Asian Family Restaurant Dongmoon specializes in dining for couples and families. Halal food is also available, fulfilling the needs of our Muslim visitors from around the globe.

1st Fl. Baplex

※ Open Saturday, Sunday and holidays to Aug. 16. (Sun)


    Nammoon Korean Restaurant

    Nammoon is Nami Island’s premier Korean restaurant. With carefully selected, local ingredients, Nammoon is proud to present the best of Korean cuisine.

    Across from Baplex +82-31-580-8055



      Local specialty food from Chuncheon, Dak-galbi
      (Spicy grilled chicken)

      Across from Unchi Garden +82-31-580-8054



        A casual dining restaurant in the woods, that serves brunch and refreshments. Enjoy a cup of coffee in a comfortable setting. Enjoy your meal indoors with your pets at Gomok Restaurant.

        Mid-Central Korean Pine Tree Lane +82-31-580-8053


          Ddanji Pub (Pizza & Pasta)

          Traditional oven-baked Napoli-style pizzas highlight the menu at Pizza & Pasta.
          Enjoy this rare opportunity to taste the high quality cheeses and other ingredients that go into the making of Korea’s most authentic pizzas.

          1st Fl. Baplex +82-31-580-8056


            Yeongajiga Lunch Box

            A cozy dining where you can try “Korean soul food.” Enjoy lunchboxes from olden school days and sweet, spicy tteokbokki, all a classic go-to Korean food for kids and adults alike.

            1st Fl. Baplex +82-31-580-8057

            ※ Yeongajiga will be closed to Aug. 16. (Sun)


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