2021-01-01 Nami Island ferry operation time will be adjusted to [7:30~21:00]. (Adjustment period: January 1, 2021 to April 22, 2021)

The Song Museum

The Song Museum hosts an exhibition room for Korean pop music, multi-purpose room(Magic Hall), and outdoor music stage, swing cafe, rest area and more. The museum provides visitors with the chance to experience Korean pop music by providing a better understanding of its history through the pictures, memorabilia and songs of the most famous Korean singers.
The Song Museum also plays host to exhibitions, fairs, and concerts.
For more information, please call The Song Island Foundation 031-580-8015

    (The Liu Collection of World Musical Instruments)

    Liu Hong-Jun is a Chinese multi-instrumentalist, composer, and instrument researcher.
    He composed the OST for The Last Emperor and has collected musical instruments of the world. Liu is ensuring that the music of the Silk Road lives on by successfully leading the effort to reproduce ancient instruments of the Shosoin Treasure House in Todai-ji Temple, Japan and founding the Tempyo Gafu ensemble which performs on authentic reproductions of traditional instruments. In 2008, instruments reproduced or collected by Liu were donated to serve as the founding collection of Liuseum. Along with those instruments reproduced from the Shosoin Treasure House collection, there are now over 300 ethnic instruments on display for visitors to learn about and appreciate here at The Liu Collection of World Musical Instruments.
    Place : The Song Museum B1


      Every weekend, Nami Island is the venue for a wide variety of performances including children’s choirs, folk ensembles, bands and even opera.
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